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What we do...

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  • Windows® / Warehouse Management System Development

    • Systems integration
    • File validation & import (.XML/.Excel/.CSV/Text and other)
    • Photo compression and database storage
    • Modern windows forms interface
    • Latest .NET Framework platform

  • Mobile Device Development

    • Windows CE/Mobile applications
    • Barcode scanning handeling
    • Modern, windows based touch screen UI
    • Web services

  • Database Design

    • Relational database design
    • Concurrency control
    • Latest SQL Server database
    • Fully 64-bit platform

  • Reporting

    • SSRS reporting
    • Crystal Reports
    • Custom reporting
    • Multiple data extraction formats (Excel/.CSV/.PDF and other)

  • Automation

    • Process monitoring
    • File export & import
    • Data validation & manipulation
    • Custom jobs

  • Alerts & Messaging

    • System process alerts (SMS/E-mail)
    • Corporate LAN-based messaging system
    • SMS applications

About Us

jezile-IT specialize in Windows® applications and database design & development, website maintenance, Windows mobile barcode device development, Warehouse Management Systems, building custom applications, utilities to solve specific business needs.

We have extensive experience developing enterprise level software, custom tailored to solve problems and increase efficiency in small to large international businesses.

If you think there is something impossible to resolve, we have possibly already done it.

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